Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dorney Park

Last Saturday i went to Dorney Park. it is an amusement park about an hour away from delval and it is about 40 minutes away from my home in Perkasie. i try to go there at least once every year because i love going on amusement park rides; this summer i have not gone so luckily the college had a trip to dorney. the best ride in the park is Talon it is a roller coaster. there is a lot of g-force on that roller coaster. so much so that it is even hard to hold your arms up in the air. because the g-force is so powerful you would not even need a seat belt to stay in the seat. i love almost all of the rides there but i like the roller coasters the best because on some of them you can pop up out of your seat a little and it feels like you are flying. i also love the feeling i get when going down steep hills on the rides it is that feeling when your adrenaline kicks in to remind you that what your are doing could be potentially dangerous in any other situation. All the food and stuff is really expensive but to get into both parks it is about $35.00 i think. so if you like amusement park rides i would recommend you to go. the picture is actually of steel force which is the second best roller coaster at dorney park. it does not go upside down but you can pop out of your seat. the other coaster in the picture is of thunderhawk which i would not recommend going on because it is so old and very bumpy. it is a wooden roller coaster and because it is bumpy the ride is not enjoyable.

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  1. I never went on any of those college trips last year and im kinda sad they seem like a lot of fun