Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Farm

i went down to the farm the other day it was really cool. i do not live on a farm myself but i like seeing all of the farm animals. the walk down to the farm is not too long and not too short. no one is allowed to touch the animals on the farm but sometimes they come up too you and just happen to touch your hand. there are cows, pigs and horses and sheep and also llamas. the sheep are the most friendly and the funnest to watch. the beef cows are scared of people but then again i guess they have a good reason to be scared.
there are also a few barn cats down there too only one of them will let you pet it. another one wants you to pet it but is not sure that it can trust you. so it make a lot of noise by meowing a lot. the barn with the bull in it has a vine hanging down it on the side. the vine was flowering when i went down there my roommate took a picture of the bull next to the flowers it is a beautiful picture. i do not have the picture but if you ever get the chance to go down to the farm i would recommend that you go because it is quite fun and interesting.

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  1. Last year my roommate and I always went down to see the farm animals all the time. It was a lot of fun.