Monday, September 28, 2009

i went home this weekend, it is always nice going home it feels good because you are not at school. while i am at school i mostly always think about school and when i am at home i don't think of school i just relax. i ran out of food in my dorm last week so i always had to eat the food in the dining hall which we all know is not good. i got to have one of my favorite dinners this weekend, beef strogenof it is so good and it is one of those meals that tastes good even as leftovers. i only live about 20 minutes from the school so i do not really miss my parents, but i do miss my dog and cat because they are so interesting to just watch and my cat follows me everywhere.

since i di not really have much homework i could just hang out with my friends and relax. i have a ping pong table at my house so i got to play that again. i do not have a tv in my dorm so i watched a lot of tv, we have a DVR so all of the shows that i like were recorded so i could watch them. on friday i went to my aunts house for my moms and her sisters birthday, they were born on the same day but in different years. the cake was really good it was homemade, chocolate cake with carmel icing. it was a very good weekend

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  1. I love when I get to go home because you can get away for all the drama of school.